A seismic shift

Healthcare is changing. Consumers used to be an afterthought in an overwhelmingly complex system of healthcare that was primarily dictated by payers, providers, employers, pharmaceutical companies, and big regulation.

But a seismic shift is underway.

The industry is shifting to a consumer-centric model, and consumers are becoming the nexus of the health care grid. Increasingly, consumers are personally engaging in their health care and making choices previously held outside the consumer domain.

The Consumerization of Healthcare is altering the industry. As consumers become the central player in their own health care, they are increasingly demanding better outcomes at a more affordable price, and increasingly making decisions about their own care from provider preference to treatment options. Providers are increasingly rewarded for improved consumer outcomes, usage rates, and core metrics. Payers are actively driving lower costs and increased efficiencies. Big data and predictive analytics are fueling core decision making, precision medicine, and personalized consumer dialogue. To maximize on these opportunities, the healthcare industry and its players must truly engage with their consumer.

This is the absolute core of what we do.

We connect the healthcare industry to consumers and consumers to their healthcare.
Armed with advanced data and analytic capability, customizable technological agility, a clear vision of industry dynamics, and our proven consumer engagement engine, Connexion Point is designed, from its inception, to both manage and maximize the opportunities of consumerization.