• Robert McMichael

    Robert McMichael
    President & CEO

    Robert McMichael creates the vision and strategy for Connexion Point, shaping its direction and its unique industry approach. The company’s founder, Robert’s diverse background of 25 years of information technology, telecommunications, healthcare, and entrepreneurial experience inform what differentiates Connexion Point from the industry. He leads the Connexion Point team in changing both the industry and its expectations.

  • Christina Sears

    Christina Sears
    Chief Operating Officer

    Christina Sears brings 25 years of executive leadership and entrepreneurial success to Connexion Point, driving its Operational teams and corporate strategy. A company founder and Member of the Board, Christina specializes in the evolution of excellence through operational accountability, organizational management, and strong cooperative leadership. Senior client, agency, and association corporate communications experience and a background in professional leadership drive her emphasis on lifelong learning, ensuring company goals and directives are clearly assimilated by the Connexion Point team and client expectations exceeded.

  • Darren Wesemann

    Darren Wesemann
    Chief Technical Officer & Chief Product Officer

    Responsible for the Research and Development and Product Teams, Darren Wesemann brings 25 years of experience transforming technology organizations, stimulating revenue growth, and inspiring innovation and decisive tactical execution to Connexion Point. Our XE platform makes Connexion Point technologically agile, responsive, and unique to the industry. Most recently, prior to joining the Connexion Point team, Darren led a multi-billion dollar global technology company and was named as a top fifteen CTO in the nation.

  • Scott Earl

    Scott Earl
    Chief Financial Officer

    Scott Earl, Chief Financial Officer, has 20 years of executive level financial expertise in both the public and private sectors. Scott’s wealth of experience includes financial management, corporate leadership, business operations, accounting, treasury, tax, financial reporting, and implementation of internal controls. Financial and operational business performance and implementing financial discipline, processes, and reporting are areas of expertise.

  • Christie Hulet

    Christie Hulet
    Vice President, HR & Recruiting

    Christie Hulet has over 25 years of Human Resources senior leadership experience in a broad range of industries, including high-tech manufacturing, finance, transportation, mortgage, and most recently, healthcare services. As Connexion Point’s Vice President of Human Resources, Christie champions innovative ways to attract and develop the best talent and build a culture of engagement, agility and innovation. She is responsible for leading all aspects of Human Resources and thrives on providing strategic HR initiatives that align with the company’s mission.

  • Chris Kenney

    Chris Kenney
    Vice President, Technical Operations

    Chris Kenney, Vice President Technical Operations, is an 11-time Ironman driven by the success of people, products, projects, partners, and processes. Chris has a proven record of successfully delivering key corporate missions and critical initiatives and is known for his unique blend of strategic vision and tactical attention. Chris is a dedicated leader with the ability to both build and motivate teams toward meeting cXp’s shared goals.

  • Mark Krueger

    Mark Krueger
    Vice President, Client Services & Implementation

    As Vice President Client Services & Implementation, Mark Krueger is responsible for all aspects of cXp’s executive level client support and implementation, as well as high level campaign strategy and process management. Mark has 25 years of strategic client support and implementation management expertise, with particular emphasis in telecom. Mark prides himself in providing superior client solutions, implementation and support and building trusting, established, long term client relationships.

  • Stephen Cohen

    Stephen Cohen
    Vice President, Product Management

    Stephen Cohen, Vice President, Product Management, leverages 10 plus years of operational and sales experience to head up cXp’s product development team. As product owners and designers, Stephen’s team of skilled software engineers drive the fruition of cXp’s corporate direction and vision. This includes, but is not limited to, developing and maintaining the Xe Platform, cXp’s proprietary business intelligence tool supporting cXp agent productivity and client deliverables.

  • Adeem Osman

    Adeem Osman
    Vice President, Operations

    Adeem has more than 17 years of experience in the Call Center, Sales, Telesales, and Customer Service industries, including 10 years in Medicare Insurance Sales and Service. He has provided leadership in managing large multiservice clients, including sales, administration, technology, and customer service. Adeem has a passion for working with colleagues, customers, and clients and has a proven track record of developing partnerships by creating an environment of operational excellence and delivering a consistent high‑quality customer service experience.

  • Mike Lowry

    Mike Lowry
    Vice President, Broker Services

    Mike has been a sales leader for nearly 25 years with insurance carriers and agencies. Mike provides oversight, discipline and analysis at both the tactical and strategic level. He has led both sales and sales operations for large, complex sales organizations with both internal and contracted sales agents. Mike spent the early to mid 2000's at WellPoint/Anthem building inside and outside sales distribution as well as brokering the first Medicare FMO relationships for Unicare,BCBSGA, BCBSWI and Blue Cross of CA. Mike was also a key executive on the eHelath team that built the sales distribution from 20 agents in Sandy Utah in 2010 to over 1500 agents across the US in 2019. In his spare time Mike enjoys running, mountain biking and stand-up paddle boarding.